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The cooperation on Ecoinformatics has been established to exchange information and carry out common projects in the area of environmental information


The Ecoinformatics initiative has been initiated by the European Environment Agency and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
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The overarching objective of cooperation between USEPA and EEA is to exchange experiences in the area of environmental information (Ecoinformatics) to increase the efficiency of environmental information gathering and provision and to bring added value to bilateral efforts to protect the environment.

Two general objectives are identified:

  1. To foster exchange of experiences on standards and information technology issues in ecoinformatics to help improve exchange and comparability of environmental data and information;
  2. To foster exchange of information on the development of environmental knowledge in ecoinformatics to facilitate and support legal and voluntary actions to protect the environment;

The cooperation includes representatives of the two Agencies; it is open for participation of and cooperation with other bodies which share the same goals.

Partners :

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