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This API is used to integrate a website into the EEA standard design.

Standard API (ver. 3)

This method returns the required HTML head with common merged JS and CSS declarations. OR
Disabling Javascripts and KSS: Javascript libraries and KSS can be disabled in template service by sending argument jsdisable='all' to getRequiredHead. The same argument should be sent to getHeader also.
This method returns the header. Optional parameter "jsdisable" works together with setting this parameter on getRequiredHead. OR
This method returns the required footer. OR

I18N: Translated template

In order to get a translated version of the EEA template, please add the 2-letters ISO 639-1 language code into the URL call. For example, to get the header in Italian you would call the header like this:

  • OR

The language code is used, it must be used consistently on all the calls, in order to not mix languages.

Performance and caching

All the template service calls are cached by a proxy cache system (squid) at the EEA servers. This improves the response time from EEA.

However we do not reccomend to rely solely on the EEA template service when thinking about performance. We strongly recommend you locally cache each call to the template service and then provide a way to EEA for invalidating and refreshing your local cached template.

For example, you should provide a URL similar either as

  • parameter OR
  • page


This will allow EEA to refresh the templates on all sites when a new template and CSS is available. In this way all sites will stay synchronized with latest design and main navigation.


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