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uri title created modified published language translation_of_uri mps_code serial_title description type_uri isbn prod_id
<> "Looking beneath the surface: how good is our water?"@en "2011-03-21T15:56:15Z"^^<> "2017-02-20T16:17:37Z"^^<> "2011-03-22T10:15:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 1.4.2"@en "" "Water is critical for life and is integral to virtually all economic activities, including food production and industry. Not only is clean water a prerequisite for human health and well-being, it provides aquatic habitats that support healthy freshwater ecosystems."@en <> "" "6FU4SAMHG3"
<> "Power to the people"@en "2010-09-24T13:22:43Z"^^<> "2015-09-03T12:38:46Z"^^<> "2011-03-15T13:00:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 4.0.5"@en "" "In modern societies, almost everything consumes energy. It is not only electronic gadgets, household appliances or street lighting that need it. Bringing water to our homes or food products to our supermarkets also require energy. Current consumption and production patterns demand a steady and often increasing energy supply."@en <> "" "Y9N18CD5RW"
<> "Analysing and managing urban growth"@en "2011-01-17T12:52:57Z"^^<> "2017-02-20T15:20:27Z"^^<> "2011-02-16T11:45:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 0.0.0"@en "" "Over the last decades, continuous urban expansion at rates much higher than population growth has resulted in a massive urban footprint on Europe \u2013 fragmenting rural space, blocking ecosystem services and increasing the demand for transport and energy."@en <> "" "O52S6ZDUQJ"
<> "Urban soil sealing in Europe"@en "2010-12-13T13:27:26Z"^^<> "2011-10-12T09:09:03Z"^^<> "2011-01-19T09:25:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011"@en "" "Soil is the earth's living skin and provides us with essential services for life in our planet: production of food; infiltration and cleansing of water and protection against flooding; habitat for plants; areas for recreation and mental health; micro climate regulation, etc. It is such a crucial resource that it can't be ignored. However, particularly in urban areas, soil is being sealed off with increasing housing and infrastructure."@en <> "" "MN2BTEV4J9"
<> "Renewable energy 2000 to 2010 \u2014 from toddler to teen"@en "2011-01-04T14:11:30Z"^^<> "2016-08-31T12:55:36Z"^^<> "2011-01-06T12:05:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 0.0.0"@en "" "The renewable energy sector has developed a lot the last ten years \u2014 a largely ignored toddler has become a wilful teenager. Decisions that can help it mature further will depend on understanding what has nurtured its growth so far."@en <> "" "SRB2CYVH8A"
<> "Cutting deficits and protecting the environment"@en "2010-12-14T14:29:19Z"^^<> "2016-08-31T13:16:03Z"^^<> "2010-12-14T16:40:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 0.0.0"@en "" "Europeans consume more natural resources than Europe\u2019s environment can produce. Our consumption undermines the capacity of European ecosystems to provide goods and services and puts severe strain on the global environment."@en <> "" "OTZFYKBM3G"
<> "Tackling climate change requires a shift to a resource efficient, low carbon and green economy"@en "2010-12-02T14:57:53Z"^^<> "2017-07-17T12:51:12Z"^^<> "2010-12-03T14:45:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 3.4.3"@en "" "Climate change is happening. The current global average temperature is already about 0.7-0.8 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial level. Even if greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations had stabilized in the year 2000, temperatures are predicted to increase by 1.2 degrees Celsius above the pre-industrial level by the end of the 21st century."@en <> "" "YGHI1ESUA6"
<> "The turtle and the tourist"@en "2010-10-22T12:11:11Z"^^<> "2015-09-03T12:37:50Z"^^<> "2010-10-22T14:25:34Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011"@en "" "" <> "" "MZNT9YPF82"
<> "Windbreaks"@en "2010-09-24T13:38:20Z"^^<> "2015-09-03T12:38:43Z"^^<> "2010-09-29T15:11:35Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011"@en "" "During the Soviet era, Dedoplistskaro in south east Georgia was the country\u2019s main production area for wheat and sunflower seeds. That came to an end in 1991 when Georgia became independent and Russia cut off its energy supply. To survive the cold winters, the people resorted to cutting down trees for firewood, stripping the countryside of the windbreaks that protected the crops and soil from the harsh desert winds and provided a natural habitat for many species of animals and plants."@en <> "" "UB185SO2XK"
<> "City of Five Seas"@en "2010-09-24T14:02:00Z"^^<> "2015-09-03T12:39:11Z"^^<> "2010-09-29T15:11:35Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011"@en "" "Nizhny Novgorod has a population of 1.3 million and is one of Russia\u2019s most important industrial cities. Its process manufacturing plants are heavily reliant on water, supplied from the Volga River and one of its tributaries, the Oka. The region\u2019s drinking water also comes from the Upper Volga Basin."@en <> "" "SKZMX1GF36"

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PREFIX eea: <>
PREFIX amp:<> 
PREFIX prod: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX schema: <>

?subject as ?uri
lang(?title) as ?language
  ?subject a prod:Article .
  ?subject dc:title ?title .
  ?subject dc:created ?created .
  ?subject dc:modified ?modified .
  ?subject dc:issued ?published .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject eea:isTranslationOf ?translation_of_uri } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:management_plan ?mps_code } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:serial_title ?serial_title } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject dc:description ?description } .
  ?subject a ?type_uri .
  FILTER (?type_uri = prod:Article)
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:isbn ?isbn } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject schema:productID ?prod_id } .

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