Environmental indicator report 2016

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In support to the monitoring of the 7th Environment Action Programme


Annual indicator report

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This report examines if the EU and its immediate neighbours are on target to achieving by 2020 the three thematic priority objectives (natural capital; resource efficiency and low carbon economy; health and well-being) of the 7th Environment Action Programme. It does that with the help of a set of selected indicators and other information. The report also highlights the role of eco-innovation and green finance to enable meeting aspects of the resource efficiency and low carbon economy priority objective.



Priority objective 1: To protect, conserve and enhance the Union's natural capital
Eutrophication of terrestrial ecosystems due to air pollution
Agricultural land: nitrogen balance
Urban land expansion
Forest utilisation
Marine fish stocks
Common birds and butterflies
EU protected species
EU protected habitats
Surface waters
Priority objective 2: To turn the Union into a resource-efficient, green and  competitive
low-carbon economy
Resource efficiency
Waste generation
Recycling of municipal waste
Freshwater use
Greenhouse gas emissions
Renewable energies
Energy efficiency
Household energy consumption
Transport greenhouse gas emissions
Food consumption — animal-based products
Environmental and labour taxation
Environmental goods and services sector: employment and value added
Environmental protection expenditure
Priority objective 3: To safeguard the Union's citizens from environment-related pressures and
risks to healthand well-being
Outdoor air quality in urban areas
Air pollutant emissions
Quality of bathing waters
Number of countries that have adopted a climate change adaptation strategy/plan
Environmental noise
Production of hazardous chemicals
Pesticide sales
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