EEA/IAS/21/002 - Support to the development of briefings on drivers of change/narratives of change, and scoping of assessment activities around systemic challenges

Negotiated Procedure Published 18 Dec 2020
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The EEA wishes to enter into a contract with a service provider to support the following activities:

  1. finalisation, dissemination, and extension of the set of draft EEA briefings on drivers of change and narratives of change, including stakeholders engagement;
  2. scoping and framing of an integrated assessment on systemic challenges and responses, with main focus on systemic aspects like complexity, uncertainty, wickedness, systemic risks, transition risks, and related response strategies (e.g. adaptive governance, precaution and innovation) in the context of the EU Green Deal and broader sustainability objectives.
File x-conference/x-cooltalk Ex-ante notice — 18 Dec 2020



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