EEA/HSR/21/001 - Provision of a study on modelling the renovation of buildings in Europe from a circular economy and climate perspectives

Negotiated Procedure Published 17 May 2021
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Given that the current building replacement rate in Europe is low, efforts to increase building circularity, and also harness the potential climate benefits from it, need to focus on existing buildings, additionally to newbuilt.

The purpose of the project to be conducted is to estimate the circular economy as well as the climate benefits of a potential implementation of specific renovation activities on the entire European building stock. By modelling the current state of the EU building stock and creating renovation scenarios comprising one or combinations of renovation activities, it is possible to estimate the benefits around resources saved, waste prevented or recycled and the reduction of hazardous substances in existing buildings. It should also be possible to account for potential climate benefits from the implementation of the renovation scenarios.

The outcome of this project is expected to provide the EEA with quantitative estimates of the aforementioned benefits from the application of various renovation activities on the entire EU building stock.



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