EEA/MDI/14/002 - Framework service contract for the provision of Copernicus Initial Operations 2011-2013 - Land Monitoring Service Coordination and production of CORINE Land Cover for non-EU countries: Turkey

Call For Tender Published 25 Apr 2014
With reference to the above mentioned call for tenders, the EEA has decided to abandon the tendering procedure. The grounds for that decision are: The production of CORINE Land Cover 2012 in Turkey has already been awarded by the nominated Eionet National Reference Centre for land cover of Turkey (Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs/IT Department), in alignment with the EEA specifications for the CLC products. In order to avoid duplication of funding and work it has been decided to abandon the tendering procedure pursuant to the provisions of Article 114 of the financial regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union.


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