EEA/ADM/01/003 - Framework contract for the running of the security at the European Environment Agency

Call For Tender expired Published 13 Jul 2001

Open Call for Tender

Framework contract for the running of the security at the
European Environment Agency

1. Awarding authority
The European Environment Agency, Copenhagen, Denmark
2. Award procedure
Open call for tender (ref.: EEA/ADM/01/003)
3. Description of project
The Agency is awarding a framework contract for the running of the security of the European Environment Agency. 7187 m² on 4 floors and a basement.
4. Contract duration
The duration of the contract will be 3 years, starting January 1st, 2002, with the possibility of renewal twice, each renewal being for a period of 1 year.
5. Request for specifications
  1. Detailed specifications of the work to be undertaken can be obtained by e-mail from or by fax +45 3336 7272. The specifications are also available on the Internet at the following location: Written requests can also be sent to European Environment Agency, Att: Domingo Zorrilla, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark.
  2. A survey of the premises can be arranged by contacting Domingo Zorrilla by e-mail or by fax +45 3336 7272
  3. Deadline for request of specifications: 37 calendar days from the date of publication of the call for tender in the Official Journal of the European Communities.
  4. The documents and drawings will be dispatched free of charge.
6. Submission of tenders
  1. Postal address: The European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark, for the attention of Mr. Domingo Zorrilla and marked `REPLY TO CALL FOR TENDER EEA/ADM/01/003'.
  2. Languages in which they must be drawn up: 1 of 13 official languages of the European Environment Agency (the 11 official European Community languages plus Norwegian or Icelandic).
  3. Deadline for submission: 52 calendar days following the publication of this invitation to tender in the Official Journal.
7. Persons authorized to be present at the opening of tenders
Officials from the European Environment Agency, and financial controller.
8. Prices and payment terms
  1. Prices must be quoted in EURO.
  2. Terms of payment figure in the tender specifications and are those, which are in force at the European Environment Agency for framework contracts.
9. Selection criteria
  • Tenderers must provide evidence of their identity, financial and economic standing and professional and technical qualifications by means of the following documentation:
  • an identification sheet (name or business name, legal status, contact person, etc.);
  • where applicable, references of the inscription on the VAT-register;
  • where applicable, references of the inscription on the trade register;
  • tenders will lapse: 6 months after the final date for receipt of tenders.
10. Award criteria
  • The contract will be awarded to the tenderer whose offer is the most advantageous taking into account of:
  • proven track record in high-quality work in similar areas
  • price
  • consideration concerning environmental protection, such as policy with respect for raw material, resource use, disposal of waste, etc.

11. Date of dispatch of the notice:

12. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities:

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