EEA/PIN/2004/03 - Prior Information Notice

Call For Tender expired Published 26 Mar 2004

DK-Copenhagen: various services

2004/S 60-050830

Prior information notice

The European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K. Tel.: +45-33 36 71 00. Fax: +45-33 36 71 99. URL:
Intended procurement: 3 303 000 EUR in total for Service categories 6b (banking and investment services), 7 (computer and related services), 8 (R&D services), 10 (market research and public opinion polling services), 11 (management consultant services and related services), 15 (publishing and printing services on a fee or contract basis), 20 (supporting and auxiliary transport services), 23 (investigation and security services), 24 (education and vocational education services), 25 (health and social services), 27 (other services) as listed in Annex I A to Council Directive 92/50/EEC of 18 June 1992.
Estimated date for initiating the award procedures: Throughout the year 2004.
Throughout the year 2004, the Agency intends to publish in the S series of the Official Journal of the European Union as well as on the Agency's homepage, notices of open or restricted calls for tender or calls for expression of interest in relation to some or all of the following activities:
Project code - Title of project:

Administrative services:
10.1.1 Purchase and Maintenance of Security Equipment, Operating Security.
10.2.2 Medical Advisor.
10.3.2 Training Management/Development of Competencies, Training and Organisational Development.
10.1.3 Purchase and Maintenance of AV Equipment.
10.4.2 Bank Services and e-banking.
Corporate Affairs:
8.3.4 EMAS Verification.
8.2.7 Media Monitoring.
8.2.7 Update and Expansion of Media Database.
8.3.7 Multi-lingual Quality Assurance.
8.3.12 Corporate Identity.
8.3.9 Glossary Extension.
8.2.7 Subscription to Journalist Address Database.
8.3.10 Examples of EEA Effectiveness/outcomes as part of the BSC system.
8.3.10 Effectiveness Evaluation of selected EEA products and services.
8.3.5 Content and Quality Assurance for Environmental Research Communication Portal.
8.3.5 Information content updating & development across EnviroWindows Yihaw's Zope folder structure.
8.3.5 DestiNet (Sustainable Tourism) partnership expansion.
Information and Data Services:
1.1.13 Extension and Improvement of the data Warehouse.
9.1.1 Layouting Services.
9.1.1 Printing Services.
9.2.5 Total Quality Management System.
1.1.8 Reporting Obligations Database.
Environmental Assessment:
3.1.5 European Handbook of Forest Condition: Forest Focus.
3.1.1 High Nature Value Agricultural Areas.
4.3.1 Chemicals Information System.
4.3.3 Source Apportionment of Nitrogen and Phosphorus inputs to the Aquatic Environment.
4.3.7 European Large Marine Ecosystem Assessments.
5.2.1 Strategy for Dissemination of Best Practice Information and Success Stories in Waste Prevention.
7.4.3 Non-road Transport.
Analysis, Integration and Reporting:
7.1.1 Framing & Supporting EEA's contribution to SD.
0.0.0 SOER2005 and Indicator-related Activities.
7.3.5 Global Dimension.
7.3.4 Uncertainty Analysis (and a peer review process) on Household and the Environment.
7.5.2 Policy Implementation.
7.5.4 Programming Environmental Economic Activities 2005-2008.
7.6.1 PRELUDE Scenarios Development Support.
7.6.1 PRELUDE Land Use Modelling Support.
7.6.1 PRELUDE Visualisation and Communication Support.
7.6.2 Scenarios Launch Pad.
Strategic Knowledge and Innovation:
4.1.2 Analysis of Environment and Health Monitoring and Research.
7.2.1 Environmental Impacts of Enlargement.
7.7.1 Research and Emerging Issues Assessment.

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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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