EEA/ITS/03/006 - Recreational, cultural and sporting services

Call For Tender expired Published 04 Apr 2003

Call for tender: EEA/ITS/03/006

DK-Copenhagen: recreational, cultural and sporting services

2003/S 67-058189

1. Awarding authority:

European Environment Agency,
Att: Ove Caspersen,
Kongens Nytorv 6,
DK-1050 Copenhagen.
Tel.: 0045 33 36 71 00.
Fax: 0045 33 36 71 99.

2. Category of service and description, CPC reference number, quantity, options:

Framework contract. service category: 27.
Name given to contract: provision of events services for the European Environment Agency.
Reference number attributed: EEA/ITS/03/006.
Description of contract: to provide the European Environment Agency with services relating to the preparation and carrying out of events on EEA matters, products, environmental information or other related issues.

3. Delivery to:

Kongens Nytorv 6.
DK-1050 Copenhagen K.


DK000, DK001.

4. (a) Reserved for a particular profession:

(b) Law, regulation or administrative provision:
(c) Obligation to mention the names and qualification of personnel: Yes.

5. Division into lots:


6. Variants:


7. Time limits for completion or duration of the contract, for starting or providing the service:

48 month(s).

8. (a) Documents from:

European Environment Agency,
Att: Linda Jandrup,
Kongens Nytorv 6,
DK-1050 Copenhagen K.
Tel.: 0045 33 36 71 71.
Fax: 0045 33 36 71 97.

(b) Requests not later than:

(c) Fee:

9. (a) Deadline for receipt of tenders:

19.5.2003 (16.00).

(b) Address:

European Environment Agency,
Att: Ove Caspersen,
Kongens Nytorv 6,
DK-1050 Copenhagen K.

(c) Language(s):

Spanish, Danish, German, Greek, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Rumanian, Slovak, and Slovenian.

10. (a) Opening of tenders (persons admitted):

European Environment Agency's representatives and one representative of each tenderer.

(b) Date, time and place:

28.5.2003 (9.30).
European Environment Agency,
Kongens Nytorv 6,
DK-1050 Copenhagen K,

11. Deposits and guarantees:

12. Financing and payment:

See contract documents.

13. Legal form in case of group bidders:

14. Qualifications: Conditions for participation (selection criteria):

Legal status:

Copy of documents confirming the tenderer's:
- inclusion in a trade register.
- VAT registration.
Financial capacity:
Evidence of economic and financial capacity shall be furnished by one or more of the following documents:
- appropriate statements from banks or evidence of professional risk indemnity insurance.
- the presentation of balance sheets or extracts from balance sheets for at least the last two years for which accounts have been closed, where publication of the balance sheet is required under the company law of the country in which the economic operator is established.
Exclusion cases: the tenderer shall provide evidence that he/she is not in the situation described in Article 2.2 of the Agency's general terms and conditions applicable to contracts. The evidence shall be a recent certificate issued by the competent authority of the country concerned. Where no such certificate is issued it may be replaced by a sworn, or failing that, a solemn statement made before a judicial or administrative authority, a notary, or a qualified professional body in his/her country of origin or provenance.
Technical capacity:
Provision of evidence in the tender documents:
- that the business activity of the company is relevant from the standpoint of the task in question by listing the principal services provided and supplies delivered in the past three years, with the sums, dates and recipients, public or private.
- of relevant knowledge, by enclosing CVs of the staff proposed for delivery of the consultancy services.
- of the average annual manpower and the number of managerial staff of the tenderer in the last three years.

15. Tenders may lapse after:

9 month(s).

16. Award criteria:

Criteria as stated in contract documents.

17. Other information:

Address from which further information can be obtained:
European Environment Agency,
Att: Ove Caspersen, Kongens Nytorv 6,
DK-1050 Copenhagen K. Tel.: 0045 33 36 72 03.
Fax: 0045 33 36 71 97.
Type of procedure: open procedure.

The winning contractor will be awarded a framework contract for four years on the condition that the criteria in the call for tender are constantly met.

Specific agreements will be issued under the framework contract as and when needed.

18. Date of pre-information publication:

19. Notice postmarked:


20. Notice received on:


21. Covered by the GPA agreement:



Annex I: Procedure for submitting offer

Annex II: Technical specifications

Annex IIa: Specimen quotations

Annex III: Identification sheet

Annex IV: Draft framework contract

Annex V: General terms

Annex VI: Travel expenses

Annexes I - VI

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