EEA/ITS/02/006 - Usability study and users survey for the European Environment Agency web site

Call For Tender expired Published 10 Dec 2002

Usability study and users survey for the European Environment Agency web site

Open Procedure: Call for tender No. EEA/ITS/02/006


1. Awarding authority and place of delivery

The European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K, Telephone +45-33 36 71 00, Telefax +45-33 36 71 97.


2. Award procedure:

Open call for tender No. EEA/ITS/02/006


3. Purpose

To provide the European Environment Agency with services relating to:

  • usability of the web site
  • user survey amongst the primary target audience of the web site

4. Contract details

The selected company will be awarded a contract of up to twelve months on the condition that the criteria (below) are continuously met.


5. Request for specifications

(a) Detailed specifications of the work to be undertaken are annexed here (see below) or are available by e-mail from Written requests can also be sent by fax +45-33367197, or mail, to Linda Jandrup, European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K.
(b) The specifications are dispatched free of charge.


6. Submission of tenders

(a) Languages in which the tenders must be drawn up: one of the official languages of the European Environment Agency (the official languages of the EU plus Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Rumanian, Slovak, and Slovenian).
(b) Deadline: Offers must be submitted within 52 calendar days following dispatch of this call for tender to the Official Journal of European Communities.

Tenderers will be required to comply fully with the invitation to tender.


7. Opening of tenders

Officials from the Agency and EEA’s Financial Controller are authorised to be present at the opening.


8. Prices and terms

Submission of a tender implies acceptance of the terms specified in the Agency’s “General terms and conditions applicable to contracts” in all matters not governed by this invitation to tender and waiver your company’s own terms of business.

Prices must be in euro and VAT must be specified where applicable.


9. Selection criteria

  • Financial stability of the vendor, as evident from inscriptions in VAT register, trade register, annual reports, and financial statements.
  • Whether the business activity of the company is relevant from the standpoint of the task in question.
  • Understanding of the European Environment Agency's international business and experience in services for similar institutions.
  • Presentation and clarity of documentation.

10. Awarding criteria

  • Experience of the vendor in the field of user surveys and usability studies
  • Cost per day for consultancy services
  • Cost per day, secretarial personnel
  • Experience in web design
  • Experience in working in an international context
  • Experience in working with EU-related matters

11. Date of dispatch of the notice:



12. Date of receipt by the Office of Official Publications of the European Communities:




Annex I: Procedure for submitting an offer for Tender
Annex II:Technical specifications
Annex III: Identification sheet
Annex IV: Draft contract
Annex V: General conditions
Annex VI: Reimbursement of travel expenses

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