EEA/ADM/02/003 - Development consultancy services

Call For Tender expired Published 20 Nov 2002

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Nature of contract


Type of document

Open procedure.


DK-Copenhagen K: Development consultancy services

1. Awarding authority:

European Environment Agency.
Kongens Nytorv 6.
1050 Copenhagen K.
Telephone 0045 33 36 71 00.
Fax 0045 33 36 72 94.

2. Category of service and description, CPC reference number, quantity, options:

Service category: 11. 73220000.
Name given to contract: European Environment Agency EMAS Registration Project.
Reference number attributed: EEA/ADM/02/003.
Description of contract: The aim is to design an overall structure for the "European Environment Agency EMAS Registration Project". The realisation of this project requires full fulfilment of the requirements of the EMAS Regulation and the integration of the environmental system into the existing structures and "modus operandi" of the Agency.

3. Delivery to:

Kongens Nytorv 6
DK-1050 Copenhagen K.
NUTS: DK000,DK001.

4.a) Reserved for a particular profession:


4.b) Law, regulation or administrative provision:

4.c) Obligation to mention the names and qualification of personnel:


5. Division into lots:


6. Variants:


7. Time limits for completion or duration of the contract, for starting or providing the service:

18 month(s).

8.a) Documents from:

European Environment Agency.
Gerda Rainer.
Kongens Nytorv 6. 1050
Copenhagen K. Denmark.
Telephone 0045 33 36 71 00.
Fax 0045 33 36 72 94.

8.b) Requests not later than:

8.c) Fee:

9.a) Deadline for receipt of tenders:

6.1.2003 ( 16:00).

9.b) Address:

European Environment Agency.
Gerda Rainer.
Kongens Nytorv 6.
1050 Copenhagen K.

9.c) Language(s):

Spanish. Danish. German. Greek. English. French. Italian. Dutch. Portuguese. Finnish. Swedish.

10.a) Opening of tenders (persons admitted):

European Environment Agency's representatives, the financial controller and one representative of each tenderer.

10.b) Date, time and place:

13.1.2003 ( 14:00). European Environment Agency, Kongens Nytorv 6, DK-1050 Copenhagen K.

11. Deposits and guarantees:

12. Financing and payment:

Please see tender documents.

13. Legal form in case of group bidders:

14. Qualifications:

Legal status:

  • identification sheet
  • copy of trade register
  • copy of VAT registration.

Financial capacity:

  • evidence of financial standing by furnishing extracts from financial statements of the last three years.

    Exclusion cases: Companies being bankrupt or wound up, have ceased or suspended business activities, have suspended payments, have entered into an agreement with creditors or undertaken similar measures, or be subject to any procedure of this kind.

Technical capacity:

  • Relevant knowledge: Enclose CVs of key personnel including a reference list of relevant previous projects.
  • Experience: The key personnel shall have demonstrable experience in the areas that are part of this call for tender. In particular, the tenderer shall also demonstate that the personnel is technically capable of carrying out the tasks as described in the tender documents. In this respect, the tenderer shall attach to its offer a list of previous contracts showing that his staff has previously carried out projects relating to EMAS and ISO 14001; has implemented EMAS within public authorities and has relevant experience in both training and environmental auditing.

15. Tenders may lapse after:

6 month(s).

16. Award criteria:

The most economically advantageous tender as stated below. Understanding ( 35). Methodology ( 35). Project Management ( 25). Availability ( 25). Price: The bid offering the best value for money will be considered, providing that at least the minimum number of points is achieved (100 points - min. 25 points for criteria 1 + 2 and min. 20 points for criteria 3 + 4). This is calculated by dividing the price by the number of points awarded.

17. Other information:

Type of procedure: Open procedure. Address from which further information can be obtained: European Environment Agency. Gerda Rainer. Kongens Nytorv 6. 1050 Copenhagen K. Denmark. Telephone 0045 33 36 71 00. Fax 0045 33 36 72 94. E-mail: URL The premises of the Agency (Kongens Nytorv 6, 1050 Copenhagen) can be visited on 17/12/02 at 14:00 - please notify Ms. Gerda Rainer by fax or e-mail of your intention to participate.

18. Date of pre-information publication:

19. Notice postmarked:


20. Notice received on:


21. Covered by the GPA agreement:

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Procedure for submitting an offer
Annex II:Technical specifications
Annex III: Identification sheet
Annex IV: Draft service contract
Annex V: General terms and conditions applicable to contracts

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