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EEA Job Vacancy Published 10 Dec 2009
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Project Manager – GMES In-situ data, information and networking, Contract Agent (FG IV)

The European Environment Agency (EEA) is organising an open competition with a view to recruiting four contract agents to work within the area of GMES in-situ data, information and networking and further with a view to establishing a reserve list.

The Agency:

The EEA is an agency of the European Union (EU) and one of the decentralised Community bodies. The EEA aims to support sustainable development and to help achieve significant and measurable improvement in Europe’s environment, through the provision of timely, targeted, relevant and reliable information to policy-making agents and the public.

The EEA is identified in the Communication from the European Commission (GMES – We care for a safer planet)[1] as playing an important role in the coordination of in-situ data for GMES services. The EEA has agreed with the European Commission that this role will initially be fulfilled by creating a project team within a programme at the EEA's headquarters in Copenhagen. To create this international project team, the EEA will recruit a number of contract agents who will work extensively with existing staff and networks on the project. The work is likely to involve extensive travel and discussions with a large number of stakeholders to create a framework for sustainable in-situ data and information provision for GMES services. The results of the work will change the environmental information landscape in Europe. Creating this change will be a dynamic process, the key to which is a flexible, positive, pragmatic and results-oriented approach.

As a basis for starting the work the project team will use the reports of Service Implementation Groups, FP and ESA-GSE project outcomes, the GMES Bureau, ISOWG, EEA’s own summaries and knowledge of in-situ requirements, established data flows covering reporting obligations under EU Directives and Conventions and other existing data(see links and information in the public section of the EEA GMES Interest Group). The project will build on the capacity to coordinate in-situ data for GMES services by re-using existing networks and capacities, as well as demonstrating results through 'quick wins' as proof of concept for the overall approach.

Job description:

Under the responsibility of the Head of SEIS and GMES Group, reporting to the Head of SES Support Programme, the contract agents shall be responsible for organising GMES in-situ networking, defining GMES in-situ data requirements and finding sustainable solutions for GMES in-situ infrastructures.

The position will entail the following tasks:

  • Lead project work package on coordination and further development of collaboration frameworks between countries, European bodies, GMES structures, observing networks and other stakeholders, to engage in the sustained provision of GMES in-situ data and information;
  • Be responsible for coordination of meetings and information exchange for actors engaged in in-situ data and information provision as well as facilitating discussions to overcome obstacles;
  • Create mechanisms for closer cooperation with relevant European bodies and networks, (e.g. EMODNET, Eionet, EUMETNET, Eurogeographics, Eurogeosurveys, Eurogoos, ESA etc.) as well as EU initiatives (SEIS, Inspire) to identify solutions to emerging issues and bring about synergies for GMES in-situ data and information;
  • Clarify and catalogue the requirements of GMES services for in-situ data and information based on existing work with focus on the three fast-track and atmosphere pilot core services;
  • Undertake dialogue with stakeholders to identify gaps, overlaps, critical constraints and address issues (such as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) obstacles and sustainability) and estimate costs;
  • Explore and evaluate data provision (types and quantity) through established European networks, SEIS, data coordinating organisations/networks at EU level and national-level stakeholders assessing strengths and weaknesses as a basis upon which to determine the best approach to sustainable in-situ data provision and demonstrate re-use of existing capacities;
  • Assess data requirements and match to approaches to create an inventory that links each dataset to a specific approach;
  • Provide support to conclude bilateral or multilateral agreements with international organisations, regional and national administrations;
  • Provide recommendations on governance, architecture and maintenance of transfer and archiving systems taking into account both current and future needs;
  • Demonstrate in-situ coordination by selecting and securing ‘quick wins’ as proof of concept for the overall approach to in-situ for GMES services;
  • Be responsible for the set-up and organisation of information exchange platforms and fora on-line;
  • Organize a review process and, if necessary, revise and modify the overall strategy together with the Commission and EEA services.

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates applying must satisfy the following eligibility criteria on the closing date for the submission of applications:

a)      Successful completion of university studies attested by a degree relevant to the field concerned, where the normal duration of university education is 4 years or more OR successful completion of university studies attested by a degree relevant to the field concerned, where the normal duration of university education is 3 years, plus 1 year of relevant professional experience;

b)      A minimum of 7 years of relevant professional experience after achieving the degree set out above.

In addition, in order to be eligible a candidate must:

  • Be a national of one of the member countries of the EEA (Member States of the European Union plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey);
  • Enjoy full rights as a citizen;
  • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by law concerning military service;
  • Have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the EEA member countries and a satisfactory knowledge of another of these languages to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties pertaining to the post;
  • Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
  • Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post.

Selection criteria:


  • Demonstrated ability to deliver practical results and develop solutions for data exchange and strategy development;
  • Coordination of the development of guidelines, data flows and databases;
  • Experience in the area of networking;
  • Good understanding of in-situ data needs and the related GMES projects and activities at European level;
  • Ability to work independently to deliver outputs and as a part of an international project team;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills as well as presentation skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of English;
  • Excellent organisational and interpersonal skills;
  • Highly IT literate (Microsoft Office package and web tools).


  • Experience of undertaking negotiation processes and liaising with key stakeholders;
  • Coordination of international working groups;
  • Professional experience in one of the fast-track or pilot GMES services;
  • Experience of working with environmental in-situ data, preferably for GMES services.

Contractual conditions:

The successful candidate will be offered a Contract Agent contract in accordance with Article 3a) of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities. The duration of the contract will be for a limited time period not exceeding three years, with the possibility of being renewed once for the same period.

The basic monthly salary of a Contract Agent before any deductions or allowances, on 1 July 2008 amounts to:

Function Group IV, grade 14 (step 1)                               EUR 3,428.49

Function Group IV, grade 16 (step 1)                               EUR 4,389.04

To this basic salary a weighting factor is to be added (39.4%) for Denmark from 1 July 2008. The salaries of Contract Agents are subject to a community tax deducted at source. They are exempt from national tax.

The place of work will be Copenhagen, Denmark.

It is brought to the particular attention of candidates that the provisions of Articles 11 to 26 of the Staff Regulations, concerning the rights and obligations of officials, shall apply by analogy to Contract Agents. These rules specify that:

“An official shall carry out his duties and conduct himself solely with the interests of the Communities in mind; he shall neither seek nor take instructions from any government, authority, organization or person outside his institution. He shall carry out the duties assigned to him objectively, impartially and in keeping with his duty of loyalty to the Communities.

An official shall not without the permission of the appointing authority accept from any government or from any other source outside the institution to which he belongs any honour, decoration, favour, gift or payment of any kind whatever, except for services rendered either before his appointment or during special leave for military or other national service and in respect of such service.”

For further information on the Staff Regulations and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities see:

Selection procedure:

Eligibility of candidates will be assessed according to compliance with all eligibility criteria by the closing date for the submission of applications.

Eligible candidates whose application shows evidence of all required competences and skills listed under “Selection criteria” may be invited for an interview, which will be held for the most part in English. Pre-selected candidates will be asked to undergo a written test in the area of expertise required for the post.

The list of suitable candidates is submitted to the Appointing Authority who decides on the appointment of the successful candidate and the establishment of a reserve list for the post advertised. Candidates shall note that inclusion on the reserve list does not guarantee recruitment. Recruitment will be based on availability of posts and budget.

The reserve list for this post will be valid until 31 December 2011 and may be extended at the discretion of the Appointing Authority.

Prior to contract signature, the successful candidate will be asked:

  • to provide original or certified copies of all relevant documents proving his/her eligibility, including an extract from his/her police file;
  • to undergo a compulsory medical examination to establish that he/she meets the standard of physical fitness necessary to perform the duties involved.

Personal data protection:

Any personal data provided by the User shall be processed pursuant to European Regulation related to personal data protection, in particular Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movements of such data. It shall be processed solely for the purposes of the performance, management and follow-up of information requested by the User. The User shall have the right of access to his personal data and the right to rectify any such data that is inaccurate or incomplete. Should the User have any queries concerning the processing of his personal data, he shall address them to the European Environment Agency.

Equal treatment:

EEA is an equal opportunities employer and accepts applications without distinction on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, age or sexual orientation. Staff is recruited on the broadest possible geographical basis from among nationals of all EEA member countries.

Application procedure:

Interested candidates must apply by filling in the application form below. To the application form must be attached:

  • The Europass CV below duly filled in;
  • A letter of motivation; and
  • The eligibility and selection criteria grid below duly filled in.

Application Documents:

NB: Failure to submit any of the required documents will lead to exclusion from the procedure.

Closing date for application: Friday 29 January 2010, at 12.00 (Central European Time)

Applications sent after this date will be rejected.

Please ensure that you observe the following:

1.      Remember to take time zones into consideration when sending your application.

2.      Include both a CV using the Europass template attached above and a letter of motivation.

3.      Ensure to specify in CV exact starting and end dates of professional experiences (date/month/year) as well as percentage of work activity in case the experience is not full time.

4.      Include the duly filled in eligibility and selection criteria grid.

5.      Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an automatic reply.

6.      It is your responsibility to keep the automatic reply message as proof of submission of your application.

7.      Should you not receive an automatic reply message, please submit your application again.

8.      Please do not leave it until the last minute to submit your application. Experience has shown that the system can become overloaded as the deadline for applications approaches and you may find it difficult to submit your application in time.

9.      Candidates may apply in any of the official languages of the European Union but the use of English is encouraged to facilitate the selection process.

Request for review:

Candidates who have not been admitted to the selection procedure will be notified by letter. The candidate may ask to have her/his application reconsidered by sending a request for review to the Chairperson of the Selection Committee at the address indicated on the letter within 21 calendar days from the date of the letter of notification.

Application form

Interested candidates must apply by filling in the application form below. To the application form must be attached:

E-mail (Questions only): should you have any questions, please use this email:


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