Area 2: Science Communication

Page Last modified 03 Jul 2020
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Call for Expressions of Interest 2020 for experts to be appointed as members of the European Environment Agency Scientific Committee (EEA/SC/2020/1-7)

To assist the Agency with knowledge and advice on how best to use available tools and information technologies to support clearer communication of scientific aspects of EEA’s work to decision makers and the public.

The advice is expected to cover opportunities for data visualisation for communication and outreach purposes. Visuals can enhance the understanding of the content, and can also have a strong emotional appeal. Different audiences need different approaches to communication. The use of right visuals can contribute to make the story and-or the message more appealing and understandable.

Advice is also expected on how to use social science and social watch approaches to better understand societal debate and their impact on behavioural patterns that are relevant for future EEA assessments and their external communication. Recent linguistic and cognitive science show that facts often play a relatively minor role in how people shape their behaviour. Rather, moral beliefs and cognitive frames are often more relevant in how decisions are made. This knowledge is important for example, on how to communicate uncertainty and use story-telling to communicate complexity in ways that capture audience attention.


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