Assessment methods and tools

Policy instruments
Policies have a key role in determining, and improving the state of our environment. European environmental policies have developed significantly since the first Environment Action Programme was decided in 1973. Since then several hundred legal acts addressing environmental issues have been adopted.
Economic instruments
A database on economic instruments used in environmental policy.
Le Contexte
Les Pressions
Les Activités Humaines
Communiqué de presse
Sous embargo jusqu’au 24 juin 1999. Les prévisions pour l’environnement en Europe. Premières projections environnementales pour l’Union Européenne Un scénario de type ‘affaires courantes’ indique le maintien, voire une augmentation, des pressions sur l’environnement dans l’UE.
Countries data reporting
Countries data reporting
Data services overview
Data services overview
7. Responding to systemic challenges: from vision to transition
1. The changing context of European environmental policy
Environmental indicator report 2016
In support to the monitoring of the 7th Environment Action Programme
5th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum: Evaluation for better regulation in environment and climate policies – Lessons from research and practice
Practitioners and users of environmental evaluation, such as evaluators in consultancies, academics and European or national policy-makers, participated in the 5th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2016 EEEN Forum).
6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum: Evaluating Innovation in Environmental Protection and Sustainability
The 6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2017 EEEN Forum) will bring together practitioners, academics, policy-makers and other users of environmental evaluation to share views, knowledge and experiences about the use, relevance and future priorities for climate and environment policy evaluation.
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