Air pollution - Drivers and pressures (Slovakia)

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What are the related key drivers (D) and pressures (P) at national level?
Air pollution Air pollution
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The main sources contributing to air pollution are incineration processes, industry, transport and agriculture.

Since 1990, a significant decrease in air emissions has been reported in Slovakia. During the period 1990–2008, a reduction of 87 % in SO2 emissions was reported as a consequence of a reduction in energy production and consumption, and to the use of better quality and more purified fuels.

Over the same period, a 57 % decrease in NOx emissions was due mainly to technical and technological improvements in the incineration process and denitrification. A significant decline in nitrogen oxides emissions was achieved in mobile sources, mainly in road transport (see Figure 5).

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Non-methane volatile organic compounds, persistent organic particles and heavy metal emissions have been also decreasing since 1990.

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