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SOER Common environmental theme from Croatia
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There has been a visible progress in recent years in implementation of general aims such as comprehensive inventorisation, mapping, threat estimates, the establishment of the National Biodiversity Monitoring System and the preparation and implementation of action plans for the protection of biodiversity.

 A map of habitats has been completed with additional field data and results of detailed habitat mapping of individual parks. The ecological network GIS database has been created, as well as the GIS database for the Croatian proposal of the NATURA 2000 network which has been continually updated with new field data and research and investigation results. The GIS database has been prepared on protected natural values nature in Croatia, and the PAMS database (designated areas database) created within the Nature Protection Information System. The activities related to setting up of the National Biodiversity Monitoring System are continuing through development of standardised manuals for systematic and uniform collecting of data and monitoring of flora, habitats and particular groups of fauna. Comprehensive activities on publishing of red books and preparation of red lists are also continued. The red books have been published on mammals, amphibians, and reptiles, freshwater fish, sea fish, fungi and dragonflies, and red lists compiled on corals, lichen, ground beetles and stoneflies. A progress has been made in development of the protected area management plans.

The Nature Protection Act was amended in 2008 to incorporate provisions of all relevant international conventions and EU directives, and the earlier nature protection frame was enlarged with regard to the protected natural values, aiming at preservation of the overall biological and landscape diversity [4]. Major progress was made in the recent years as regards incorporation of the nature protection measures into the documents issued by the sectors of forestry, hunting, spatial planning, and especially by establishing the Croatian ecological network and assuming responsibilities under the Regulation on Proclamation on the Ecological Network and Ordinance  on the Apropriate Assessment of  the Impact of Plans, Programs and Projects on the Ecological Network [5].



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