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1. First draft

Adding content, not yet copy edited. Authors enter content and submit for further editing and web integration.

authors, contact authors, copy editors, web integrators(1)

 Product team

contact authors

2. First web edit

Copy editing and light web editing to make it ready for Eionet review.
Figures are also added in this step.
This step may be not fully completed here. Copy editing, web layout and integration then take place after the Eionet review.

When copy editors are done, they mark the fiche as "Editing done."

Before submitting web integratiors make sure copy editors are done.

copy editors, authors, contact authors and web integrators

Product team 

web manager

3. Approve for review

Product Coordinator checks the content and decides whether it is ready for Eionet review. Note that he can require content changes and improvements from authors.

Product coordinator, contact authors

 Product team

Product coordinator

4. Under review

Content is now frozen for editing and open for comments. Anyone with Eionet password may log in and enter comments. Content is available for anonymous to see by knowing the link.

Product coordinator, contact authors

 Product team + anyone with link

web manager

5. Re-draft 

Authors, Contact Authors and Copy-editors work together to finalize the content and adjusting according to received feedback in previous review phase.

authors, contact authors, Product coordinator, copy editor, web integrators

 Product team

contact authors

6. Final web edit 

Content is checked and further web integration takes place: i.e. consistency, data visualisation and traceability. 

Until this stage ends, data and indicator updates will be possible. When data and visualisation integrators are done, they mark the fiche as "data & visualisation integration done."

web integratorscontact authors, Product coordinator

 Product team

web manager

7. Layout check

Layout is checked in all formats (Web, PDF, print and presentation mode). As part of this, content is also re-checked for typos and consistency with EEA style guidelines.

Product coordinator, proofreader and layouter, web integrators

 Product team

proofreader and layouter


The content is under final review and ready for sign-off by the coordinator. Coordinator is able to exclude some content to be published by "retracting"

Content is then made public by the web manager at a specific date.

coordinator (3), web integrators

 Product team

web manager

9. Published

Fiche is visible to all.

Product coordinator, web integrators



Product Groups

  • Authors
  • Contact authors
  • Copy editors
  • Web integrators
  • Proof-reader and layouter
  • Coordinator
  • Web Manager

Additional notes

(1) Web integrators include experienced web editors and data visualization integrators which address specific technical aspects of the Product web production (see workflow states above). They are sometime also referred simply "the Web Team". They are staff members of COM, MDI and OSE programmes. They work closely under the coordination of the Web Technical Manager (OSE). See more details about their practical tasks.

(2) Product team: includes all the members of all the groups: Authors, Contact authors, Copy editors, Web Integrators, Proof-readers and layouters, Coordinators.

(3) Product Coordinator: The Product Coordinator will seek approval from SMT before final publication and communicate this to the Web Manager with exact date of publishing.


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