National and regional story (Italy) - Alpine region and tourism as the most important economic activity

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Alpine region and tourism as the most important economic activity

Tourism is in the Upper Soča and Upper Sava valleys the most important economic branch but in recent decades winter tourism has endured several consecutive years of losses.
During winter, skiing is the dominant sport activity in the region. The lack of snow at the end of the 1980s and early 1990s left a lasting imprint on the tourism industry. Snow-deficient winters and shortened skiing seasons result in lower earnings in ski tourism. Climate change must be viewed as a catalyst that is reinforcing and accelerating structural changes in tourism.
In the Upper Sava valley there are famous ski resorts where some of the well-known world cups in ski jumping and downhill skiing races take place. These ski resorts are situated at a relatively low altitude and could be compromised by changing climate in the not too distant future. Adaptation strategies include, in particular, alternatives to ski tourism, such as non-snow related winter activities and all-year tourism.



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