Environmental topics (deprecated)

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Currently defined Key/value pairs:

Key Value
agriculture Agriculture and food
air Air pollution
term3 Bathing water quality
biodiversity Biodiversity
term5 Bioeconomy
term6 Buildings and construction
chemicals Chemicals
term8 Circular economy
climate-change-adaptation Climate change adaptation
climate Climate change mitigation
default Default
term13 Electric vehicles
energy Energy
term15 Energy efficiency
human Environmental health impacts
term17 Environmental inequalities
scenarios Environmental scenarios
technology Environmental technology
term18 Extreme weather
fishery Fisheries
term19 Fisheries and aquaculture
term20 Forests and forestry
economy Green economy
households Household consumption
industry Industry
landuse Land use
coast_sea Marine
natural Natural resources
term25 Nature protection and restoration
term26 Nature-based solutions
noise Noise
term28 Plastics
policy Policy instruments
term29 Pollution
term30 Production and consumption
term31 Renewable energy
term32 Resource use and materials
term33 Road transport
term34 Seas and coasts
soil Soil
regions Specific regions
term38 Sustainability challenges
sustainability-transitions Sustainability solutions
term40 Sustainable finance
term41 Textiles
tourism Tourism
transport Transport and mobility
urban Urban environment
term43 Urban sustainability
other_issues Various other issues
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