Survey of resource efficiency policies and approaches

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Anticipating the need for countries to respond to the EU2020 Resource Efficiency Flagship Initiative and in view of the European Commission’s interest in expanding the knowledge base on the topic, in November 2010 the EEA initiated a survey of resource efficiency policies and instruments in its member and collaborating countries.


Country coverage - resource efficiency survey

The survey aimed to collect, analyse and disseminate information about national experience in developing and implementing resource efficiency policies, and to facilitate sharing of experience and good practice.

Information on resource efficiency policies in the countries was provided by Eionet’s national focal points and national reference centres for sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and resources, following the approach used in the country assessments in The European environment – state and outlook 2010 (SOER 2010).

A standardised set of questions was used to elicit information on the policies, targets and indicators in place; priority resources; the main policy drivers and institutional setup; and knowledge gaps and information needs.  In response, 31 countries provided information, including 25 countries of the EU-27.

Country profiles

To present the findings from each national self-assessment, the EEA has prepared a set of country profiles which are available via links below. Information is current as of Spring 2011.

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