The latest "State of the Environment" report can be found here: The European environment — state and outlook 2020

SOER 2015 — The European environment — state and outlook 2015

A comprehensive assessment of the European environment's state, trends and prospects, in a global context.

The synthesis report informs future European environmental policy in general and its implementation between 2015 and 2020 in particular. It includes a reflection on the European environment in a global context, as well as chapters summarising the state of, trends in, and prospects for the environment in Europe.

European briefings present the state, recent trends and prospects in 25 key environmental themes, grouped in three clusters: environment; socio-economic; and systemic perspectives.

Country briefings provide an overview of state of the environment across 39 European countries, based on national state of environment reports. Regional briefings cover three regions, identified as priority areas in the EU's 7th Environmental Action Programme.

Countries briefings

*under the UN SCR 1244/99