Species that are valid in EUNIS, but invalid in ITIS

Data table via SPARQL Published 04 Oct 2012 Last modified 14 May 2019

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eunisname eunisauthor itisname itisauthor
"Alosa fallax" "(Lacep\u00e8de, 1803)" "Alosa fallax" "(Lacep\u00e8de, 1803)"
"Bufo viridis" "Laurenti, 1768" "Bufo viridis" "Laurenti, 1768"
"Euproctus asper" "(Dug\u00e8s, 1852)" "Euproctus asper" "(Dug\u00e8s, 1852)"
"Rana esculenta" "Linnaeus, 1758" "Rana esculenta" "Linnaeus, 1758"
"Rana lessonae" "Camerano, 1882" "Rana lessonae" "Camerano, 1882"
"Rana perezi" "Seoane, 1885" "Rana perezi" "L\u00f3pez-Seoane, 1885"
"Rana ridibunda" "Pallas, 1771" "Rana ridibunda" "Pallas, 1771"
"Salamandrina terdigitata" "(Lacep\u00e8de, 1788)" "Salamandrina terdigitata" "(Lac\u00e9p\u00e8de, 1788)"
"Triturus italicus" "(Peracca, 1898)" "Triturus italicus" "(Peracca, 1898)"
"Bonasa bonasia" "(Linnaeus, 1758)" "Bonasa bonasia" "(Linnaeus, 1758)"

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PREFIX e: <http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/rdf/species-schema.rdf#>
PREFIX itis: <http://rdfdata.eionet.europa.eu/itis/ontology/>
PREFIX dwc: <http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/>

SELECT ?eunisname ?eunisauthor ?itisname ?itisauthor WHERE {
  ?eunisurl e:validName 1;
        e:sameSynonym ?itisurl;
        e:binomialName ?eunisname;
        dwc:scientificNameAuthorship ?eunisauthor.
  ?itisurl itis:nameUsage "invalid";
        itis:completename ?itisname;
        itis:hasAuthor _:auurl.
  _:auurl itis:taxonAuthor ?itisauthor

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