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Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 14 May 2019

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subject eunisname dbp dbpname
<> "Ablepharus kitaibelii" <> "Ablepharus kitaibelii"@en
<> "Sicista betulina" <> "Sicista betulina"@en
<> "Delphinapterus leucas" <> "Delphinapterus leucas"@en
<> "Triturus carnifex" <> "Triturus carnifex"@en
<> "Triturus dobrogicus" <> "Triturus dobrogicus"@en
<> "Calluna vulgaris" <> "Calluna vulgaris"@en
<> "Globicephala melas" <> "Globicephala melas"@en
<> "Lacerta anatolica" <> "Lacerta anatolica"@en
<> "Lacerta danfordi" <> "Lacerta anatolica"@en
<> "Nyctalus lasiopterus" <> "Nyctalus lasiopterus"@en

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PREFIX e: <>
PREFIX cr: <>
PREFIX db: <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?subject ?eunisname ?dbp ?dbpname WHERE {
  ?subject a e:SpeciesSynonym ;
           e:binomialName ?eunisname ;
           e:sameSpecies ?dbp .
   ?dbp db:binomial ?dbpname 

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