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Renewable electricity as a percentage of gross electricity consumption, EEA, 2012

Data table via SPARQL Published 24 Nov 2014 Last modified 01 Feb 2016

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ugeo hydro_power other_renewable renewable hydro_power_abs other_renewable_abs total_power_abs
"EEA member countries" "15.6"^^<> "12.1"^^<> "27.7"^^<> "579536"^^<> "446846"^^<> "3704345"^^<>

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PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX sdmx-measure: <> 
PREFIX sdmx-dimension: <> 
PREFIX sdmx-attribute: <> 
PREFIX skos: <> 
PREFIX property: <> 
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX unit: <>
PREFIX product: <>
PREFIX indic_nrg: <>

'EEA member countries' as ?ugeo

round(sum(?hydro_power)/sum(?total_power)*1000)/10.0 as ?hydro_power
round(sum(?other_renewable)/sum(?total_power)*1000)/10.0 as ?other_renewable
round((sum(?hydro_power)+sum(?other_renewable))/sum(?total_power)*1000)/10.0 as ?renewable

sum(?hydro_power) as ?hydro_power_abs
sum( ?other_renewable) as ?other_renewable_abs
sum(?total_power) as ?total_power_abs
 GRAPH <> 
    _:nrg_105a sdmx-dimension:timePeriod ?date . FILTER (year(?date) in (2012))
    _:nrg_105a property:product product:6000 . 
    _:nrg_105a sdmx-attribute:unitMeasure unit:GWH .
    _:nrg_105a property:indic_nrg ?indic_nrg .

    _:nrg_105a sdmx-dimension:refArea ?geo . FILTER (?geo in (geo:EU28,geo:LI,geo:IS,geo:NO,geo:TR))
      FILTER (?indic_nrg in (indic_nrg:15_107034, indic_nrg:15_107035)) 
      _:nrg_105a sdmx-measure:obsValue ?hydro_power .
    } UNION {
      FILTER (?indic_nrg in (indic_nrg:15_107044, indic_nrg:15_107045,indic_nrg:14_1070421, indic_nrg:14_1070431,indic_nrg:14_1070422, indic_nrg:14_1070432,indic_nrg:15_107038, indic_nrg:15_107039, indic_nrg:15_107040, indic_nrg:15_107041,
indic_nrg:22_108911, indic_nrg:22_108912, indic_nrg:22_108913, indic_nrg:22_108914,indic_nrg:22_108931, indic_nrg:22_108932, indic_nrg:22_108933, indic_nrg:22_108934,indic_nrg:15_107046, indic_nrg:15_107047,indic_nrg:22_108941, 
indic_nrg:22_108942, indic_nrg:22_108943, indic_nrg:22_108944, indic_nrg:22_108951, indic_nrg:22_108952, indic_nrg:22_108953, indic_nrg:22_108954, indic_nrg:22_108971, indic_nrg:22_108972, indic_nrg:22_108973, indic_nrg:22_108974))
      _:nrg_105a sdmx-measure:obsValue ?other_renewable .
    } UNION {
      FILTER (?indic_nrg in (indic_nrg:B_100900, indic_nrg:17_107000)) 
      _:nrg_105a sdmx-measure:obsValue ?total_power .
  ?geo rdfs:label ?ugeo . 
ORDER BY ?ugeo


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