N2000 species codes in EUNIS

Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 10 Sep 2019

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s o name
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/64> "1010" "Caseolus commixta"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/201> "1020" "Leiostyla gibba"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/242> "1030" "Margaritifera auricularia"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/345> "1040" "Stylurus flavipes"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/317> "1050" "Saga pedo"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/237> "1061" "Maculinea nausithous"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/248> "1062" "Melanargia arge"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/95> "1071" "Coenonympha oedippus"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/130> "1074" "Eriogaster catax"
<http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/species/123> "1072" "Erebia calcaria"

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PREFIX e: <http://eunis.eea.europa.eu/rdf/species-schema.rdf#>
 ?s e:sameSynonymN2000 ?o ;
    e:binomialName ?name

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