Most common items found on beaches

Data table via SPARQL Published 06 May 2014 Last modified 14 May 2019

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itemcount level1_materials itemlabel
"66000"^^<> "Plastic" "Cigarette butts and filters"
"34514"^^<> "Plastic" "Plastic pieces 2.5 > < 50 cm"
"23372"^^<> "Plastic" "Polystyrene pieces 2.5 cm > < 50 cm"
"23234"^^<> "Plastic" "Plastic caps/lids drinks"
"22288"^^<> "Plastic" "Shopping Bags incl. pieces"
"20232"^^<> "Plastic" "String and cord (diameter less than 1cm)"
"19058"^^<> "Plastic" "Crisps packets/sweets wrappers"
"15664"^^<> "Plastic" "Cotton bud sticks"
"15112"^^<> "Glass/ceramics" "Glass or ceramic fragments > 2.5 cm"
"12083"^^<> "Plastic" "Plastic/polystyrene pieces 2.5 cm > < 50cm"

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PREFIX rdf-schema: <>
PREFIX litterwatch: <>

sum(?itemcount) as ?itemcount

 ?item ?o <> .
 ?item litterwatch:itemcount ?itemcount . 
 ?item litterwatch:itemtype ?itemtype .
 ?itemtype rdf-schema:label ?itemlabel .
 ?itemtype litterwatch:level1_materials ?level1_materials . 

GROUP BY ?itemlabel ?level1_materials
ORDER BY DESC(?itemcount)

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