LRTAP National totals per pollutant

Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 08 Feb 2020

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country year pollutant sector emissions unit notation

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PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX lrtap: <>
PREFIX eea: <>

SELECT ?country ?year ?pollutant "National total" AS ?sector ?emissions ?unit ?notation
  _:subj a lrtap:Emission;
         lrtap:forCountry ?countryUri;
         lrtap:forSector <>;
         lrtap:forPollutant ?pollutantUri;
         lrtap:year ?year;
         lrtap:emissions ?emissions;
         lrtap:unit ?unit.
  OPTIONAL { _:subj  lrtap:notation ?hasNotation .
             ?hasNotation rdfs:label ?notation }
  ?countryUri eea:name ?country.
  ?pollutantUri eea:detName ?pollutant
} ORDER BY ?country ?sector ?year LIMIT 1000

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