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Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 09 Jul 2019

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id dpsir typology title
"hail"@en "I"@en "A"@en "Hail"@en
"car-ownership-outlook-from-wbcsd"@en "D"@en "B"@en "Car ownership - outlook from WBCSD"@en
"nutrients-in-transitional-coastal-and"@en "S"@en "A"@en "Nutrients in transitional, coastal and marine waters"@en
"impact-of-climate-change-on"@en "P"@en "A"@en "Impact of climate change on bird populations"@en
"production-and-consumption-of-ozone"@en "D"@en "D"@en "Production and consumption of ozone depleting substances"@en
"eea-32-non-methane-volatile"@en "P"@en "B"@en "EEA-32 Non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) emissions"@en
"freshwater-biodiversity-and-water-quality"@en "I"@en "A"@en "Freshwater biodiversity and water quality"@en
"growing-season-for-agricultural-crops"@en "I"@en "A"@en "Growing season for agricultural crops"@en
"critical-load-exceedance-for-nitrogen"@en "P"@en "B"@en "Critical load exceedance for nitrogen"@en
"emissions-of-ozone-precursors-version"@en "P"@en "B"@en "Emissions of ozone precursors (version 1)"@en

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