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Query example retrieving all data sets published in land use data centre. Only the latest version of each data set is retrieved,

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subj title description issued topic isReplacedBy
<> "Dominant land cover types 2000"@en "Dominant land cover types are defined by classification of the CORILIS layers into dominant classes"@en "2008-07-11T02:00:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Global land cover 2000 - Europe"@en "This pan-European classification does not represent a perfect reproduction of Corine land cover in areas where CLC2000 and GLC2000 overlap"@en "2006-03-02T01:00:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Urban morphological zones changes 2000-2006"@en "F3v0 - Urban morphological zones (UMZ) are defined by Corine land cover classes considered to contribute to the urban tissue and function"@en "2011-03-15T11:55:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Global land cover - 250m"@en "Global land cover 2000 dataset is a main input dataset to define the boundaries between ecosystems"@en "2008-10-20T16:57:04Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Green potential background"@en "CORILIS layers can be grouped by simple addition"@en "2008-07-18T02:00:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Dominant land cover types 1990"@en "Dominant land cover types are defined by classification of the CORILIS layers into dominant classes"@en "2008-07-10T02:00:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "NATURILIS - Smoothed values of designated areas"@en "The NATURILIS dataset is an application of the CORILIS methodology on available geospatial data about designated areas"@en "2009-11-30T15:30:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Land cover flows based on Corine land cover changes database (1990-2000)"@en "Corine land cover changes are classified into land cover flows based on Land cover accounts (LEAC) methodology and generalised using the 1 Km reference grid size"@en "2008-07-16T02:00:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Corine Land Cover 2000 raster data"@en "One of the major tasks undertaken in the framework of the Corine programme has been the establishment of a computerised inventory on land cover"@en "2012-07-10T15:30:00Z"^^<> <> ""
<> "Green urban areas within urban morphological zones (1990)"@en "Results of the extraction of green urban areas (GUA) from satellite data within urban morphological zones (UMZ)."@en "2005-10-18T02:00:00Z"^^<> <> ""

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PREFIX data: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX portal_types: <>
PREFIX themes: <>
  ?subj a data:Data .
  ?subj dcterms:title ?title .
  ?subj dcterms:description ?description .
  ?subj dcterms:issued ?issued .
  ?subj portal_types:topic ?topic .
  FILTER (?topic in (themes:landuse))

  OPTIONAL { ?subj dcterms:isReplacedBy ?isReplacedBy } .
  FILTER (!bound(?isReplacedBy)) .

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