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name itemcount
"MSFD Skagen" "14024"^^<>
"Amager Strandpark" "8447"^^<>
"38-179 Strada Tre Ponti, 18038 Sanremo, Italie" "7702"^^<>
"Brighton and Hove (Hove)" "6949"^^<>
"via luigi sturzo, marina di Gioiosa Jonica RC, Italy, 89046 Marina di Gioiosa Ionica, Italie" "5942"^^<>
"5153F Rue Bouronne, 13600 La Ciotat, France" "5561"^^<>
"Beg an Dorchen Plomeur, 29120 Plomeur, France" "5516"^^<>
"R\ufffdsidence les Rives de la Favi\ufffdre Bormes-les-Mimosas, 83230 Bormes-les-Mimosas, France" "5265"^^<>
"Sakarun" "5097"^^<>
"399 Avenida Beira-Mar, Itacoati Niter\u00f3i, Br\u00e9sil" "5086"^^<>

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PREFIX rdf-schema: <>
PREFIX litterwatch: <>

?beach_name as ?name

sum(?itemcount) as ?itemcount

 ?event ?p1 <> .
 ?event litterwatch:beach ?beach .
 ?survey litterwatch:event ?event .
 ?item litterwatch:survey ?survey .
 ?item litterwatch:itemcount ?itemcount .
 ?beach litterwatch:name ?beach_name .
GROUP BY ?beach_name
ORDER BY DESC(?itemcount)

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