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Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 21 May 2019

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label language concept
"Pest eradication"@en "en" <>
"control of plant parasites"@en "en" <>
"disinfestation of living organism"@en "en" <>
"pest control"@en "en" <>
"pest control"@en "en" <>
"pest control methods"@en "en" <>
"plant health treatment"@en "en" <>
"spraying of crops"@en "en" <>
"treatment of plants"@en "en" <>
"weed control"@en "en" <>

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PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX skos: <> 

SELECT DISTINCT  ?label LANG(?label) AS ?language ?concept WHERE {
  ?concept skos:prefLabel ?label
  FILTER(?concept = <>)
  FILTER(lang(?label) = 'en')
  } UNION {
  <> ?matchp ?concept.
  FILTER(?matchp in (skos:closeMatch, skos:exactMatch))
   ?concept ?labelp ?label FILTER(lang(?label) = 'en')
  FILTER(?labelp in (skos:altLabel, skos:prefLabel, rdfs:label))
} ORDER BY ?language ?label

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