FAO aquatic species or higher taxonomic level

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group type speciesGroup
"" "" ""
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Frogs and other amphibians" "European green frog"
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Frogs and other amphibians" "Frogs"
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Frogs and other amphibians" "American bull frog"
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Frogs and other amphibians" "East Asian bullfrog"
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Turtles" "Chinese softshell turtle"
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Turtles" "River and lake turtles nei"
"AMPHIBIA, REPTILIA" "Turtles" "Green turtle"
"CRUSTACEA" "Crabs, sea-spiders" "Mediterranean shore crab"
"CRUSTACEA" "Crabs, sea-spiders" "Spinous spider crab"

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PREFIX tableFile: <http://semantic.eea.europa.eu/project/CSI033/FishStatUnpivot.csv#>

?species as ?type


FROM <http://semantic.eea.europa.eu/project/CSI033/FishStatUnpivot.csv>
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:country ?country } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:continent ?continent } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:iso2 ?iso2 } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:speciesGroup ?speciesGroup } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:species ?species } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:group ?group } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:area ?area } .
 OPTIONAL { _:rec tableFile:environment ?environment } .

ORDER BY ?group ?species

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