Eurostat water use per capita and NUTS2 in 2007

Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 11 Jun 2019

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nuts2 population wateruse percapita

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PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX qb: <>
PREFIX estat: <>
PREFIX sdmx-measure: <>
PREFIX sdmx-dimension: <>
PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX g: <>
PREFIX dataset: <>

SELECT ?nuts2
       SUM(xsd:decimal(?obsvalue)) AS ?population
       xsd:decimal(?wateruse)*1000000/SUM(xsd:decimal(?obsvalue)) AS ?percapita
  ?observation qb:dataSet dataset:demo_r_pjanaggr3 ;
        sdmx-dimension:timePeriod "2007-01-01"^^xsd:date;
        estat:age <>; 
        estat:sex <>;
        estat:geo ?ugeo;
        sdmx-measure:obsValue ?obsvalue.
  ?ugeo g:hasParentRegion ?parent.
  ?parent rdfs:label ?nuts2.
  ?wuregion qb:dataSet dataset:env_n2_wu ;
            estat:geo ?parent;
            estat:cons <>; 
            sdmx-dimension:timePeriod "2007-01-01"^^xsd:date;
        sdmx-measure:obsValue ?wateruse.
} GROUP BY ?nuts2 ?wateruse ORDER BY DESC(?percapita)

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