Annual aquaculture production of main species

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year geoarea area species obsValue
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Marine areas" "Atlantic bluefin tuna" "0.02"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Inland waters" "Atlantic salmon" "0.38"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Marine areas" "Atlantic salmon" "220.66"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Marine areas" "Brown seaweeds" "0.07"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Inland waters" "Carps, barbels and other cyprinids" "100.95"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Inland waters" "European eel" "6.08"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Marine areas" "European eel" "1.19"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Marine areas" "European seabass" "15.37"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Marine areas" "Gilthead seabream" "11.62"^^<>
"1993"^^<> "EEA39" "Inland waters" "Miscellaneous fishes" "331.61"^^<>

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PREFIX tableFile: <>
PREFIX countrygroups: <>
PREFIX countries: <>

xsd:integer(?year) as ?year 
bif:either(?speciesGroup = 'PISCES', 'Miscellaneous fishes', ?speciesGroup) as ?species 
round(sum(xsd:double(?obsValue))/10.0)/100.0 as ?obsValue

  _:rec tableFile:iso2 ?iso2 .
    _:rec tableFile:speciesGroup ?speciesGroup .
  } UNION {
    _:rec tableFile:species ?speciesGroup .
  } UNION {
    _:rec tableFile:group ?speciesGroup .
  FILTER (?speciesGroup in ('Atlantic salmon', 'European seabass', 'Gilthead seabream', 
                            'Atlantic bluefin tuna', 'Sea trout', 'Rainbow trout', 
                            'European eel', 'Brown seaweeds', 'Mussels', 'Oysters',
                            'Carps, barbels and other cyprinids', 'PISCES'))
  _:rec tableFile:area ?area .
  _:rec tableFile:environment ?environment .
  _:rec tableFile:unit ?unit .
  _:rec tableFile:year ?year .

  ?member skos:inScheme countries: .
  ?member skos:notation ?iso2 .
  ?geoarea_uri skos:member ?member.
  ?geoarea_uri ?o countrygroups: .
  ?geoarea_uri skos:notation ?geoarea .
  _:rec tableFile:obsValue ?obsValue .
  FILTER (?geoarea_uri in (countrygroups:EU28, countrygroups:EEA39 ))

  FILTER (xsd:integer(?year) > 1992)
ORDER BY ?geoarea xsd:integer(?year) ?group ?species ?area

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