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Data table via SPARQL Published 02 Apr 2012 Last modified 18 Jun 2019

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<> "Species that are valid in EUNIS, but invalid in ITIS"^^<>
<> "Unharvested Geonames features"^^<>
<> "Natura2000 Sites not found in EUNIS"^^<>
<> "Eurostat datasets with water in the title"^^<>
<> "Eurostat datasets with env_ in code"^^<>
<> "Eurostat total GHG emissions for Belgium"^^<>
<> "List of EUNIS species with N2000 codes and scientific names"^^<>
<> "Eionet countries"^^<>
<> "GEMET to Determinants mapping"^^<>
<> "EUNI references as simple table"^^<>

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