Absolute change in emissions in CO2eq-2.E sector between 1990 and 2011

Data table via SPARQL Published 08 May 2014 Last modified 19 Apr 2016

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sector difference
"Production of halocarbons (HFC/2E)" "-27.0"^^<http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema#double>

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PREFIX clrtap_nec_unfccc: <http://reference.eionet.europa.eu/clrtap_nec_unfccc/schema/>
PREFIX geo: <http://reference.eionet.europa.eu/clrtap_nec_unfccc/country/>
PREFIX sector: <http://reference.eionet.europa.eu/clrtap_nec_unfccc/unfccc_crf_sector/>

'Production of halocarbons (HFC/2E)' as ?sector
round(( sum(?end_year)-sum(?start_year) )/1000) as ?difference

    GRAPH <http://r.eionet.europa.eu/rdfdumps/clrtap_nec_unfccc/unfccc_crf.rdf.gz> 
      _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:country_code ?country_code . FILTER (?country_code in (geo:EU27 ))
      _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:unit ?unit . FILTER (?unit = 'Gg CO2 equivalent')
      _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:pollutant_name ?pollutant_name . FILTER (?pollutant_name = 'HFCs - (CO2 equivalent)')
      _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:sector_code ?sector_code . FILTER (?sector_code in (sector:2.E))
        _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:year ?year . FILTER (?year in ('1990'))
        _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:emissions ?start_year.
      } UNION {
        _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:year ?year . FILTER (?year in ('2011'))
        _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:emissions ?end_year.

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