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20% GHG reduction target

Data table via SPARQL Published 13 Oct 2014 Last modified 29 Jan 2016

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date 20_target
"2020"^^<> "4556.9"^^<>

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PREFIX rdf-schema: <>
PREFIX clrtap_nec_unfccc: <>
PREFIX geo: <>
PREFIX sector: <>

SELECT distinct
   xsd:integer('2020') as ?date
   round(sum(?target*0.8)/100)/10.0 as ?20_target
   WHERE {
    GRAPH <> 
       _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:year ?date . FILTER (?date in ('1990'))
       _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:country_code geo:EU28 .
       _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:sector_code ?sector_code . 
       FILTER (?sector_code in (sector:NT_excl,sector:1.C1.A))
       _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:pollutant_name ?pollutant_name . 
       FILTER (?pollutant_name= 'All greenhouse gases - (CO2 equivalent)')
       _:unfccc_crf clrtap_nec_unfccc:emissions ?target .


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