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Exposure of agricultural area to ozone in EEA member countries

Data Visualization Created 22 Aug 2023 Published 22 Nov 2023 Last modified 12 Jun 2024
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Iceland and Norway are included from 2007 on; Switzerland from 2008 on; and Türkiye from 2016 on. Apart from that, the current EEA-32 member countries are included during the whole period. Since 2018 maps, CORINE Land Cover 2018 (CLC2018) data has been used (up to 2010: CLC2010; 2011-2015: CLC2006; 2016-2017: CLC2012)

Data sources

Air Quality e-Reporting (AQ e-Reporting) provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)
Interpolated air quality data provided by European Environment Agency (EEA)

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