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Urban audit cities with lat/long

Data table via SPARQL Published 11 Sep 2012 Last modified 25 Jan 2023
Not all cities have population numbers in DBPedia

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cityname countryname latlong population

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PREFIX skos: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX p: <>
PREFIX wgs84: <>

SELECT sql:sample(?cityname) AS ?cityname
  sql:sample(?countryname) AS ?countryname
  concat(str(sql:sample(?lat)),',',str(sql:sample(?long))) AS ?latlong
  sql:sample(?population) AS ?population

  ?cityurl  skos:inScheme <>;
            a skos:Concept ;
            p:inCountry ?country;
            rdfs:label ?cityname.
  ?country rdfs:label ?countryname .
  ?cityurl skos:exactMatch ?dbpedia .
 ?dbpedia wgs84:lat ?lat;
          wgs84:long ?long;
          <> ?population
} GROUP BY ?cityurl ?countryname
 ORDER BY ?countryname


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