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Data table via SPARQL Published 11 Jul 2013 Last modified 11 Jan 2023

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report_uri title geocoverage year_issued publisher description url
<> "Key Figures on Climate France and Worldwide 2013 Edition"@en "France" "2013" "Commissariat g\u00e9n\u00e9ral au d\u00e9veloppement durable - Service de l'observation et des statistiques" "" ""
<> "National Sustainable Development Strategy Indicators 2010-2013"@en "France" "2013" "Commissariat g\u00e9n\u00e9ral au d\u00e9veloppement durable - Service de l'observation et des statistiques" "" ""
<> "MIRA Indicator Report 2012"@en "Belgium" "2013" "Flemish Environment Agency (VMM)" "" ""
<> "Key Indicators of the Walloon Environment 2012"@en "Belgium" "2013" "Direction g\u00e9n\u00e9rale op\u00e9rationnelle de l\u2019Agriculture, des Ressources naturelles et de l\u2019Environnement - Cellule de l'Etat de l'Environnement" "Report type: National SoE report\u000d\nSource URL:" ""
<> "Flanders - MIRA online indicator set"@en "Belgium" "2013" "Flemish Environment Agency - Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM)" "" ""
<> "Flanders - Biodiversity Indicators portal"@en "Belgium" "2013" "Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)" "" ""
<> "Portugal State of the Environment Report 2012"@en "Portugal" "2012" "Ag\u00eancia Portuguesa do Ambiente, I.P." "This report is the essential tool for supporting the design, implementation and evaluation of environmental policy, assuming a central role in assessing and reporting environmental performance of the country. In 2012 the main topics covered by the SoER are: water, climate change, air, waste, soil and biodiverdity, noise and hazards. \u000d\nReport type: National SoE report\u000d\nSource URL:" ""
<> "State of Environment Report for Turkey for 2011"@en "Turkey" "2012" "Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation" "" ""
<> "Indicator Report 2011"@en "Belgium" "2012" "Flemish Environment Agency (VMM)" "" ""
<> "National Plan for the Protection of Ambient Air"@en "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" "2012" "" "Report type: Other\nSource URL:" ""

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PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX cr: <>
PREFIX seris:<>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX bibtex: <>

  ?report_uri a seris:SERISReport;
            dc:title ?title.
            OPTIONAL {?report_uri dc:coverage ?geocoverage}
            OPTIONAL {?report_uri dcterms:issued ?year_issued}
            OPTIONAL {?report_uri dc:publisher ?publisher}
            OPTIONAL {?report_uri dcterms:description ?description}
            OPTIONAL {?report_uri bibtex:hasURL ?url} 
            FILTER(langMatches(lang(?title), "EN"))
} ORDER BY DESC(?year_issued)

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    result = sparql.query(*args, timeout = kwargs.get("timeout", 0) or 0)
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