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Rural Internet use in the home - broadband (

Data table via SPARQL Published 09 Oct 2012 Last modified 19 Jan 2022
This listing show American states. Unknown year.

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state rural_broadband
"Alabama" "41.29"^^<>
"Alaska" "62.12"^^<>
"Arizona" "59.71"^^<>
"Arkansas" "46.83"^^<>
"California" "53.79"^^<>
"Colorado" "70.34"^^<>
"Connecticut" "75.86"^^<>
"Delaware" "65.78"^^<>
"Florida" "55.93"^^<>
"Georgia" "55.53"^^<>

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PREFIX p: <>

SELECT ?state xsd:decimal(?rural_broadband) AS ?rural_broadband
 ?obs p:state ?state;
      p:rural_internet_use_in_the_home_broadband ?rural_broadband
} ORDER BY ?state

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