Power plants in Italy

Data table via SPARQL Published 01 Apr 2013 Last modified 08 Aug 2020
source: Enipedia

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Name Point Generation_capacity
"Vado Ligure Powerplant" "44.2521543,8.4058485" "818"^^<>
"Montalto Di Castro Powerplant" "42.36389,11.54167" "3600.0"^^<>
"Milazzo Powerplant" "38.204178032396,15.283570289612" "160"^^<>
"Torrevaldaliga Nord Powerplant" "42.12833,11.75778" "1980"^^<>
"Taranto Cet Powerplant" "40.51083,17.21528" "1065"^^<>
"Fiume Santo Powerplant" "40.8461,8.3068" "640"^^<>
"La Spezia Powerplant" "44.11111,9.872222" "1300.0"^^<>
"San Filippo Del Mela Powerplant" "38.2,15.26667" "1280"^^<>
"Porto Tolle Powerplant" "44.9575,12.49028" "2640.0"^^<>
"Monfalcone Powerplant" "45.79694,13.54556" "976"^^<>

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PREFIX a: <>
PREFIX prop: <>
PREFIX cat: <>
PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX rdf: <>
select ?Name ?Point ?Generation_capacity where {
?powerPlant prop:Country a:Italy .
?powerPlant rdfs:label ?Name .
?powerPlant prop:Point ?Point .
?powerPlant prop:Generation_capacity_electrical_MW ?Generation_capacity . 

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