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Luxury cars from DBpedia

Data table via SPARQL Published 24 Aug 2012 Last modified 21 Mar 2023
Sparql query example to query Wikipedia via DBpedia sparql endpoint

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manufacturer name car
"Cadillac"@en "Cadillac DTS"@en <>
"Cadillac"@en "Cadillac Elmiraj"@en <>
"Cadillac"@en "Cadillac Sixteen"@en <>
"Cadillac"@en "Cadillac XTS"@en <>
"Cadillac"@en "Cadillac Ciel"@en <>
"Rolls-Royce plc"@en "Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn"@en <>
"Rolls-Royce Limited"@en "Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn"@en <>
"Rolls-Royce (1971) Limited"@en "Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn"@en <>
"Rolls-Royce plc"@en "Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith"@en <>
"Rolls-Royce Limited"@en "Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith"@en <>

Received 137 rows in 0.003 seconds.

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PREFIX dbo: <>

SELECT ?manufacturer ?name ?car
    ?car <> <> .
    ?car foaf:name ?name .
    ?car dbo:manufacturer ?man .
    ?man foaf:name ?manufacturer


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