Largest lakes in EU (DBPedia)

Data table via SPARQL Published 01 Sep 2012 Last modified 01 Feb 2016

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label area
"Vanajavesi"@en "1.49758e+11"^^<>
"Helensburgh No. 1 Reservoir"@en "3.95e+10"^^<>
"Lac de Viremont"@en "2.005e+10"^^<>
"Lake Ladoga"@en "1.77e+10"^^<>
"Lake Sysm\u00e4 (Ilomantsi)"@en "1.1827e+10"^^<>
"V\u00e4nern"@en "5.65e+09"^^<>
"Saimaa"@en "4.4e+09"^^<>
"Lake Peipus"@en "3.555e+09"^^<>
"V\u00e4ttern"@en "1.912e+09"^^<>
"Aspen (Botkyrka Municipality)"@en "1.847e+09"^^<>

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PREFIX rdfs: <>
PREFIX dbpedia-owl: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>

SELECT DISTINCT ?label ?area
where {
 ?lakeuri a <>;
          dbpedia-owl:areaTotal ?area;
          rdfs:label ?label FILTER(LANG(?label) = "en")
 ?lakeuri dbpedia-owl:country ?basincountry.
 ?basincountry dcterms:subject <>
 FILTER(!?lakeuri IN (<>))
} ORDER BY DESC(?area)

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