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Data table via SPARQL Published 08 Oct 2012 Last modified 14 May 2019

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name area
"Germany"^^<> "35712.0"^^<>
"Greece"^^<> "13196.0"^^<>
"France"^^<> "54919.0"^^<>
"Spain"^^<> "50537.0"^^<>
"United Kingdom"^^<> "24361.0"^^<>
"Netherlands"^^<> "4154.0"^^<>
"Cyprus"^^<> "925.0"^^<>
"Austria"^^<> "8387.9"^^<>
"Czech Republic"^^<> "7887.0"^^<>
"Hungary"^^<> "9303.0"^^<>

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PREFIX fao: <>

SELECT ?name ?area WHERE {
  ?subj fao:isInGroup fao:EU;
        fao:nameListEN ?name;
        fao:countryAreaTotal ?area.

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Query timeout. unknown url type: timed out

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