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Data table via SPARQL Published 13 Jun 2016 Last modified 17 Jul 2018

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PREFIX Sparql: <>
PREFIX DavizVisualization: <>
PREFIX dcterms: <>
PREFIX ontologies: <>
PREFIX states: <>



 ?DavizVisualization ?p DavizVisualization:DavizVisualization .
 ?DavizVisualization DavizVisualization:relatedItems ?relatedItems .
 ?relatedItems ?p1 Sparql:Sparql .
 ?DavizVisualization ontologies:hasWorkflowState states:published .

 OPTIONAL { ?DavizVisualization dcterms:isReplacedBy ?isReplacedBy } .
 FILTER (!bound(?isReplacedBy)) .

 FILTER (!regex(?DavizVisualization , "sandbox")) .


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