Web design styleguide

Documentation for standardized CSS classes and HTML markup to use on EEA sites.
Image Pascal source code Monkey with makeup — 18 Feb 2010
This monkey tries to impress with makeup.
Image PGP keys Mr Monkey — 18 Feb 2010
Hello. I'm Mr Monkey.
Image text/x-sh fish — 18 Feb 2010
Typography — 26 Oct 2020
Site typography, including global settings, headings, body text, lists.
Images — 26 Oct 2020
Examples of image scales, it's styles and containers used to enhance image presentation.
Tables — 26 Oct 2020
Documentation and examples of table element along with it's styles and variants.
Layout — 26 Oct 2020
Containers and utility classes for layouts found within our site.
Elements — 27 Oct 2020
Elements are page elements with a single function such as icons or buttons.
Components — 26 Oct 2020
Documentation of complex css and html elements used within our site.
TinyMCE styles — 26 Oct 2020
Documentation of styles and templates provided for editors to use on website content.
Getting started — 26 Oct 2020
EEA webdesign guide broken into individual sections.
Forms — 28 Oct 2020
Examples of form controls elements such as inputs or text area.
Portlets — 29 Oct 2020
Examples of portlet styles used in the site.
Search and catalogs — 30 Oct 2020
Examples of faceted navigation and search app facets.
Navigation — 02 Nov 2020
Examples of navigation portlet found within right column and global mobile navigation.
Folder Views — 02 Nov 2020
Examples of folder views found within our site.