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uri title created modified published language translation_of_uri mps_code serial_title description type_uri isbn prod_id
<> "Qualit\u00e9 de l\u2019air en Europe"@fr "2018-01-15T12:49:02Z"^^<> "2019-11-14T12:36:17Z"^^<> "2018-01-15T12:52:23Z"^^<> "fr" <> "2017 3.4.3"@fr "" "Sous-titres en Fran\u00c3\u00a7ais"@fr <> "" "53ZE6VSKTW"
<> "What is soil?"@en "2014-12-09T15:59:39Z"^^<> "2019-11-14T13:22:29Z"^^<> "2014-12-09T16:00:37Z"^^<> "en" "" "2014 3.4.2"@en "" "Soil is connected to almost all aspects of our lives, yet we often take it for granted. To mark the International Day of Soil on December 5, we interviewed several project managers at the European Environment Agency (EEA) about this precious resource."@en <> "" "4Z9KNGIEA6"
<> "Good food, fresh thinking - a look at our food system"@en "2014-06-10T11:01:07Z"^^<> "2019-11-14T14:30:35Z"^^<> "2014-06-10T11:02:03Z"^^<> "en" "" "2014 3.4.2"@en "" "There is a strong link between our health and food. Food is a basic human need. In addition to being available, it needs to be of high quality, accessible, not contaminated, affordable and environmentally sustainable."@en <> "" "ZPFHOMGA2C"
<> "Water and preparing for scarcity"@en "2012-03-13T23:00:00Z"^^<> "2020-01-07T15:43:17Z"^^<> "2012-03-13T23:00:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2012 4.2.4"@en "" "The European Environment Agency launched a new report on the need for an efficient use of water resources at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France. This short interview with Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of EEA, gives a short introduction to the pressures Europe's water resources are facing, the policy debate in Europe and the importance of being able to put a value on this vital resource."@en <> "" "3ZHXOT075K"
<> "EEA presentation of Eye on Earth"@en "2010-03-09T23:00:00Z"^^<> "2016-06-28T15:51:48Z"^^<> "2010-03-09T23:00:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2010 0.0.0"@en "" "Eye on Earth is a 'global public information service' for creating and sharing information. All are invited to participate in the new and dynamic online 'environmental community' facilitated by EEA, technology leaders, cutting-edge innovations and cloud technology."@en <> "" "J319ZNOBF7"
<> "Circular economy"@en "2017-06-08T12:12:54Z"^^<> "2019-11-14T14:32:34Z"^^<> "2017-06-08T12:15:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2017 3.4.3"@en "" "What is a circular economy and what can it do for you and for the planet? Find out from our video."@en <> "" "PRJY8I7TES"
<> "Climate change impacts in Europe"@en "2017-02-02T10:26:38Z"^^<> "2019-11-14T12:37:07Z"^^<> "2017-02-02T10:30:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2017 3.4.3"@en "" "The observed changes in climate are already having wide-ranging impacts on ecosystems, the economy and on human health and well-being in Europe. New records continue to be set on global and European temperatures, sea levels and reduced sea ice in the Arctic. Precipitation patterns are changing, generally making wet regions in Europe wetter and dry regions drier. Glacier volume and snow cover are decreasing. At the same time, climate-related extremes such as heat waves, heavy precipitation and droughts, are increasing in frequency and intensity in many regions. Improved climate projections provide further evidence that climate-related extremes will increase in many European regions."@en <> "" "6DOMA8FWSC"
<> "Shaping the future of energy in Europe - Clean, smart and renewable"@en "2017-11-29T13:14:14Z"^^<> "2019-11-14T12:39:18Z"^^<> "2017-11-29T13:15:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2017 3.4.3"@en "" "Our quality of life depends, among other things, on a reliable supply of energy at an affordable price. We still burn fossil fuels to obtain most of the energy we use and combustion of fossil fuels affects us all in one way or another. It releases air pollutants into the atmosphere and harms our health. It also releases greenhouse gases and contributes to climate change. We are at a critical decision point in time: the negative impacts of our current energy choices on the one hand, and the opportunities that clean energy sources offer on the other. Signals 2017 looks into Europe\u2019s transition towards clean, smart and renewable energy."@en <> "" "MW34OX0HAQ"
<> "Our arctic challenge"@en "2011-01-12T23:00:00Z"^^<> "2017-07-17T08:30:21Z"^^<> "2011-01-12T23:00:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2011 0.0.0"@en "" "Jacqueline McGlade, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA), and three of her colleagues have chosen to be part of an extraordinary journey in East Greenland. They travel from their offices in Copenhagen to participate in a multi sport race, where they challenge themselves through 250 kilometers of the Arctic wilderness. On their way they encounter the effects of climate change and its impact on the Arctic environment. The Inuit are among the first people to experience the effects of climate change. They are in the middle of an environmental challenge that will change many parts of their culture. What is happening to the Inuit today will happen to the rest of the world tomorrow. We will all need to adapt to climate change."@en <> "" "52ECUFWRVK"
<> "Planet RE:think"@en "2012-06-19T08:34:12Z"^^<> "2016-05-11T12:35:36Z"^^<> "2012-06-19T08:50:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "2012 0.0.0"@en "" "First cut of Planet RE:think. The film tells the story of unsustainable resource use, showing the truly global nature of the problem, from environmentally devastating mining in Canada to recycling of electronic waste in India which damages the health of workers. The feature-length film also includes positive examples of 'green economy' policies and business models, from Ecuador to South Africa.\u000d\n\u000d\nThe film was premiered at the UN Sustainable Development conference in Rio de Janeiro on 17 June, 2012."@en <> "" "EYZJ9NUCGA"

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PREFIX eea: <>
PREFIX amp:<> 
PREFIX prod: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX schema: <>

?subject as ?uri
lang(?title) as ?language
  ?subject a prod:CloudVideo .
  ?subject dc:title ?title .
  ?subject dc:created ?created .
  ?subject dc:modified ?modified .
  ?subject dc:issued ?published .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject eea:isTranslationOf ?translation_of_uri } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:eeaManagementPlan ?mps_code } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:serial_title ?serial_title } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject dc:description ?description } .
  ?subject a ?type_uri .
  FILTER (?type_uri = prod:CloudVideo)
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:isbn ?isbn } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject schema:productID ?prod_id } .

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    result = sparql.query(*args, timeout = kwargs.get("timeout", 0) or 0)
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