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Data table via SPARQL Published 14 Jun 2016 Last modified 17 Aug 2022

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uri title created modified published language translation_of_uri mps_code serial_title description type_uri isbn prod_id
<> "Spr\u00e1va a \u0159\u00edzen\u00ed"@cs "2007-08-10T13:21:11Z"^^<> "2021-11-17T08:45:27Z"^^<> "2008-11-15T04:30:00Z"^^<> "cs" <> "" "" "Agenturu EEA \u0159\u00edd\u00ed spr\u00e1vn\u00ed rada a p\u0159edsednictvo, spole\u010dn\u011b s\u00a0v\u011bdeck\u00fdm v\u00fdborem coby poradn\u00edm org\u00e1nem. V\u00fdkonn\u00fd \u0159editel za prov\u00e1d\u011bn\u00ed program\u016f a b\u011b\u017enou spr\u00e1vu agentury odpov\u00edd\u00e1 spr\u00e1vn\u00ed rad\u011b."@cs <> "" "2SBPVUR45Q"
<> "MeHSIP-PPIF"@en "2011-04-18T14:03:19Z"^^<> "2017-02-03T10:59:22Z"^^<> "2011-04-18T14:07:31Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "The \u201cMediterranean Hot Spot Investment Programme-Project Preparation and Implementation Facility\u201d (MeHSIP-PPIF) is a technical assistance operation managed by the European Investment Bank (EIB). MeHSIP-PPIF, launched in March 2009, aims to facilitate the implementation of Horizon 2020\u2019s \u201cPollution Reduction\u201d component through identifying and preparing a number of investment projects to secure financial support from EIB and other funding sources.\u000d\nMeHSIP-PPIF is financed under the FEMIP Support Fund. This Fund utilises non-repayable aid granted by the European Commission in support of EIB investment activities in the southern Mediterranean countries, assisting promoters during different stages of the project cycle.\u000d\n\u000d\nWS Atkins is one of the World\u2019s leading and largest providers of professional, technologically based consultancy and support services. \u000d\nFor more information please click here (\u000d\nLDK Consultants is one of the leading consulting firms in Greece, with over 30 years of experience in the areas of energy, environment, SMEs, planning, project management and communication/information dissemination. \u000d\nFor more information please click here (\u000d\nPescares Italia Srl. (part of HCL Group): is a firm of international environmental consultants based in Italy.\u000d\nFor more information please click here ("@en <> "" "9D56PQT8F7"
<> "GIS applications API"@en "2010-02-01T14:24:29Z"^^<> "2016-06-03T01:10:58Z"^^<> "2010-03-02T09:39:35Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "Here you will find a wide range of environmental data from Europe as map services. You will find documentation on how to create Internet applications using ArcGIS Server Technology APIs."@en <> "" "205IJMU7ZB"
<> "Case Studies 6: Denmark"@en "2008-12-19T15:16:27Z"^^<> "2016-04-20T12:20:11Z"^^<> "2008-12-19T15:16:28Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "Denmark: Agreement on Recycling of Transport Packaging*"@en <> "" "RS9W6MF0I4"
<> "Climate change the main environmental concern of European youth"@en "2007-03-22T11:05:04Z"^^<> "2013-12-06T17:31:41Z"^^<> "2007-03-22T15:18:29Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "More environmental education, alternative sources of energy and stricter transportation laws are some of the proposals put forth by Europe\u2019s next generations of policy makers and voters."@en <> "" "HJ639QTUOP"
<> "L\u00fdst eftir ums\u00f3knum s\u00e9rfr\u00e6\u00f0inga sem hafa \u00e1huga \u00e1 a\u00f0 vera \u00fatnefndir sem me\u00f0limir V\u00edsindanefndar Umhverfisstofnunar Evr\u00f3pu (EEA) 2008"@is "2006-11-29T15:23:44Z"^^<> "2018-02-13T10:59:25Z"^^<> "2008-05-07T11:12:46Z"^^<> "is" <> "" "" "" <> "" "U794NGEY6S"
<> "annex I Attendees at the CORINE biotopes workshop"@en "2008-12-19T10:42:59Z"^^<> "2016-04-20T12:33:35Z"^^<> "2008-12-19T10:42:59Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "" <> "" "R3TH5JQXKA"
<> "3.5 Water stress"@en "2008-12-19T15:00:19Z"^^<> "2016-04-20T12:19:22Z"^^<> "2008-12-19T15:00:20Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "" <> "" "EY4RH2UCS6"
<> "Links to national water / waste water web-sites"@en "2013-10-18T08:58:14Z"^^<> "2018-11-08T10:17:02Z"^^<> "2013-10-18T11:50:00Z"^^<> "en" "" "" "" "" <> "" "JVT5D70EW8"
<> "Skipurit"@is "2008-05-20T09:46:54Z"^^<> "2018-09-04T07:55:58Z"^^<> "2008-11-14T16:06:32Z"^^<> "is" "" "" "" "" <> "" "EVMIA837XU"

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PREFIX eea: <>
PREFIX amp:<> 
PREFIX prod: <>
PREFIX dc: <>
PREFIX schema: <>

?subject as ?uri
lang(?title) as ?language
  ?subject a prod:Document .
  ?subject dc:title ?title .
  ?subject dc:created ?created .
  ?subject dc:modified ?modified .
  ?subject dc:issued ?published .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject eea:isTranslationOf ?translation_of_uri } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject amp:managementPlan ?mps_code } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:serial_title ?serial_title } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject dc:description ?description } .
  ?subject a ?type_uri .
  FILTER (?type_uri = prod:Document)
  OPTIONAL { ?subject prod:isbn ?isbn } .
  OPTIONAL { ?subject schema:productID ?prod_id } .


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